Had my GF for a week! - my first few projects
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Hello! My baby arrived on Dec 29th, so while I’ve been having a blast with it, I had kids at home and holidays/birthdays happening over that time, so I didn’t get my forum duties completed.

Fixing that now.

Sharing my first few fun projects!

I started with this butterfly out of draft board - tried two engrave settings and cut a maple plywood piece to slip into the opening. This was before reading up on the design end of kerf stuff (so, note about myself: fantastic intuitive grasp of things, horrible tech-term memory).

Then I got bored and couldn’t make it to the art store (or wait for Amazon) to get resin fill to play with, so I broke out the glitter. Because I really wanted to do something! So, I played with different types of fill and glue. My 10yo daughter is very happy to be the owner of this fabulous butterfly :wink:

Next I did this tree - combo of cut, engrave, and score on maple ply. I want to fill the open spaces with resin and do the resin painting thing. It will either be awesome, or not. Either way I’ll learn a lot! I’ll update if it turns out awesome :slight_smile:

Finally, today - and this was the BEST THING EVER to be cutting when I discovered the draw problem with my exhaust - I cut out this leather (it’s roughly 5" x 5"), just to test cutting non proof grade leather. I perform professionally at the MN Renaissance Festival, so I know leather workers and wanted to show them I had the capabilities to do some sub work for them if needed.

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