A house for our kitten
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First of all, I’m not a cat person (totally a dog lover :dog:).
Being said that, I’m having a lot of fun with this little baby


My girlfriend is teaching me about cats, and she told me that they like to have a place to hide and rest, so I designed this (based on a image a saw on pinterest)


I did it on Fusion 360 and exported the pieces using the Shaper plugin.

After cutting it on 5.5 mm MDF (0.21 inch) I got this


And after a LOT of spray paint (I tried to seal the MDF with spray primer and Shellac, but it didn’t work well)



I think he likes it, but who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to upload the SVGs, but I have to modify the model thickness to something more standard (1/4 inch maybe?).

PS: As I posted some time ago, my :glowforge: Highlander had a problem on a hinge. The support team offered to replace it with a new one, so I’ll introduce you to Valkyrie.


It has the new pattern on the glass and works like a charm!

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