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Since I was a kid I was fascinated by the moiré effect when two overlapping patterns create another pattern / image.

After getting my Glowforge, I had cut out some regular patterns of holes and slots etc, and noticed they would create that same kind of interference pattern when overlapped. So I figured it would be a fun exercise to create a gadget with interchangable discs to explore the moire effect. I call it the Moiré Explorer

The first prototype was a simple C-shaped ring with captured bearings to let one disc turn in front of the other. The discs are transparent acrylic and look really cool when turned.


It’s also lively when viewed from different angles!


The final design is kind of a claw shape that can be displayed 3 different ways


The construction is 6 layers of PG wood, with spring-loaded bearings that pull the disc into the gadget and hold it steady relative to the fixed disc on the back


I’m still learning a lot about how to design moiré patterns, but now that I have this gadget, it’s really easy to cut a new design and play around with combinations :slight_smile:



Parts used for Explorer:

  • One sheet of proofgrade wood
  • 3 small bearings
  • 3 wooden dowels shafts
  • 6 thin plastic washers
  • a small amount of 1/16 thick acrylic (optional to keep disc steady, slide easily)

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