Acrylic Honey Bee
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I made this bee last week. @Rebecca made this same bee out of proof grade maple last March. I really like the way both materials look. I found this bee puzzle on Here is the link to the site.
Bee Puzzle by Mutsuki (revised) for use with 3mm material by sahrchitect is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.
I used proof grade clear medium acrylic. I could not believe how easily this project was cut out. I was surprised to see what looked like little glass slivers on my desk while I was putting the bee together. Looking closely at the pieces I found that they were the centers of the numbers that are printed on the bee pieces to aid in assembly. It is amazing that the Glowforge cuts so precisely without fusing the pieces in place due to the heat of the laser. Here is the plan that shows how small the numbers are.




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