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There are a few times a year that I’m fortunate enough to get to spend a weekend with friends who are scattered all over the country (and a little bit all over the world.) Where we manage to gather bounces around, but this year one of the gatherings we’ve most been looking forward to has been Seattle Pride. I didn’t expect to be living here when we started planning this last October, but since I am and since I get to make occasional use a Glowforge at the office, I really wanted to do a little something special for the people who were making a long trip out to our corner of the world.

I started with a few strips of 1/8" acrylic (1/4" X 8") in six different colors.

After that, some time spent with Weld-On 4 acrylic cement turned a bundle of strips into a few of these.

(Which my phone refused to focus on for some reason… sorry about the blurry.)

A little bit of replacement masking later plus 30 seconds in a Glowforge…

There are a few of these where the glue didn’t quite hold but I think that has more to do with issues gluing than anything else. Next time I’ll put together a jig and assemble things in stages instead of gluing all six strips at once but for a first run through, I’m pretty happy :slight_smile:

Happy Pride everyone!

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