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So, I kept iterating on the leather journal I was making for my friend. I was able to grab a picture of one of her favorite artworks with my phone, then used that to etch it into the leather.

Then I got some leather dye to get it into some other shade than nude vegtan color :slight_smile: This was my first ever attempt at dying leather. It was hard to get an even coat, but I kind of liked the distressed look of uneven dye better anyhow.

It looked pretty decent once I had a book in it.

Still, we wanted to try it in some nicer leather so I went off to tandy for some oiled leather and started cutting out sections to fit the laser bed.

I had no issues cutting out the pieces for the cover.

Then, after doing some additional touchup to remove the ruled lines from her artwork picture I went to etch it into the back of the cover. Since it’s not proofgrade, I used a piece of copy paper and some Krylon Easy-Tack to stick it to the leather while I etched it. I like it because it feels like a big post-it note with that adhesive so it’s easy to remove.

I sewed the parts together and she was one happy camper. It feels great and should last her many years :slight_smile:

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