Leather Field Quiver - Archery - with engraved yellow kangaroo leather
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So a little while ago my partner and I decided to take up archery. I took this as the perfect reason to finally design some leather quivers! This one is mine.

I used two types of veg tanned leather - some beautifully soft kangaroo leather, and some thicker regular-old-bovine variety. Oh, and a monogrammed button made from proof-grade ply!

To start off, I sketched out a rough template on graph paper before scanning it into illustrator for a little refinement. I thought about cutting some test pieces from paper… but then I decided I was much too impatient and just jumped straight into it, like a true warrior! :laughing:

The inner lining and gusset took a while to engrave… but :heart_eyes:

All hand stitched, piece by piece, with my makeshift stitching pony for support (literally just two offcuts of framing wood clamped together)

It’s mostly finished, but I got lazy toward the end and did a quick job of making a loop to secure the pocket. Once I redo that properly, I’ll be happy to call it complete!







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