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I made this prototype and was excited to share it with this community. I see such inspiring work here I thought it might also be a great chance to get some great feedback from other inspiring/inspired artists.

My wife wanted to make a neckless with the logo for my daughter’s school on it. The problem was that the logo is made up of three unconnected letters. We toyed with the idea of making it connect, but I felt like that really didn’t match the logo and wasn’t really “the” logo. I then looked at if we could make it by just etching, but it felt more like a keychain to me. I finally came up with the idea of very thin clear acrylic. This is the prototype of the neckless, I was pretty happy with how it came out but welcome feedback from others. it almost looked to me like the letters are floating or frozen in place. I love the wood on both sides. The other option we discussed is a contrasting wood where the acrylic is. The whole thing is made with proof grade materials.

The coin in the picture is for reference. Those that don’t know the Japanese 100 yen is a bit smaller than a quarter.

What are your thoughts? I welcome any and all ideas.






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