Blue Leather Wallet with World Map engrave
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I’ve done some leatherworking previously but my stitch holes are always a little crooked.

Plus, I’m bad at using patterns / cutting square angles by hand. I’ve watched Corter Leather on youtube for a long time and finally decided to buy one of their patterns.

I had some leather (4oz-ish) that I dyed blue from Tandy Leather that I used on another project, and some heavier weight (5-6oz) leather that I was planning on using on a bag at some point.

The continents SVG is from wikipedia and has a public domain license or something similar.


Engraved some quotes from some of my most read books on the inside.


Conditioned it with Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner - it’s made with beeswax and it smells amazing.


I’d recommend 2-4oz max for the inside, this wallet is way too thick to be practical. Could probably stop a bullet though :slight_smile:

I ran in to some issues with the leather when I was cutting it, next time I’m going to make sure it’s completely flat without being weighed down (during cutting, the leather curled up and started interfering with the motors). A good reason to buy :proofgrade: :smiley:

I’m excited to do more leatherworking on the glowforge - especially playing around with cut patterns that wouldn’t be practical to do by hand.

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