Spore Lamp
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I bought this design on Etsy but later found the exact same design on Thingiverse for free. I created my own “leaf” elements for it, and just used theirs as a size reference.


The pattern didn’t have a size reference, so I just sized it by the slots, making it so it would work for 1/8" Baltic birch. That came out about the size the description gave, but the hole for the light is pretty small. I stuck an Ikea pendant light in it, but had to disassemble the socket wiring to put the cord through.

EDIT: I measured the finished lamp. It’s approximately 13" in diameter and 8-9" high.

I sanded and finished each piece with blue stain and spray lacquer. I now have multiple sensitive spots on my fingertips where I accidentally sanded myself, and it took freaking forever. I think on the next one I will finish the wood FIRST, and then cut out the lamp.

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