First thing I tried on my Glowforge (a recycled cardboard crayon caddy)
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Hi all, I’m a newly minted “forger” and thought I’d start logging the things I was able to make with my GF :glowforge: . Like many of you I have a ton of cardboard left over from my inevitable Amazon purchases. I also have a 6 year old who loves to draw and we have, markers, pens, crayons, pencils, glue sticks etc., everywhere. It was a chore to clean up every night. So I burned a caddy for her and I think it worked out okay. I didn’t even consider kerf at this point but it all fit quite well. 1/8" cardboard is really great test material and it’s free (more or less).



Nothing revolutionary. I doubled the thickness on the handle with the grain of the each cardboard layer going perpendicular to the other. I also liked showing the old marking of the Amazon boxes on the outside of the box. Here it is in use:



In the future I’ll make one with wider pockets in one row so I can put a bottle of white glue in. Otherwise it works quite well and my daughter is more conscious of organization now. Anyway, my modest first steps…

UPDATE: The svgs are here. I take no responsibility for their use. Use as you like, just don’t profit from it. Good luck.
Crayon Caddy (8.4 KB)

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