Gloomhaven token
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We’ve been coming up with things to use scraps for, and a friend designed a Gloomhaven themed token/coin.

The runic script around the coin is from the game and reads “Gloomhaven”, the symbol in the middle is of one of the starting classes in the game, the Brute. We’re planning to do a whole set.

The first one was just a circular cut, and I thought “hmm, this is missing something…”

A hundred-pointed star later in inkscape and we have this fantastic reeded edge (learned a new term today!) which the glowforge handles like a boss.

It’s made from cheap home depot MDF.

Set to draft engrave.

Cut + flipped as per the Double-sided engraving instructions

Engraving took about 2.5 minutes per side.

Spray painted black
Dry-brushed with some citadel paint I had kickin’ about.

Pretty happy with it!

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