Another pair of Field Note covers made in leather
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Using @Cole’s design here, it was time to make a couple of leather covers for some note books. Picked up a 5 pack of Field Notes books and used the left over leather from my masks.

First was my cover for work.
No dyes, just all natural leather coloring. I’m interested in seeing how this looks as it ages.

You can see where I didn’t do such a good job on the first stitching end knot.

Second stitching and a clear improvement is seen.

I like this so much and I still have a lot of leather that I will make another pair for my two team leads.

Next is for the city flood control and greenway project group for my part of town. I’m the representative for my neighborhood association. Used the logo of the group, and dyed it a nice tan.

I am looking forward to the opportunities of adding my own personal designs to such projects. I just love the ability to fully customize something like this, at a moment’s notice.

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