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Joined Dec 30, '17 

Got my Glowforge on Friday!
I ordered my Pro on the very last day of the fundraising month two years ago. I got my “shipping” email Nov 28th, the UPS notification on Thursday Dec 28th and it arrived the next day. (I’m in Seattle, it didn’t have far to go from the factory in California.)
Box arrived with very little damage and all four handles. I had a little trouble getting it to connect to my wifi but once I did I was able to print the founders ruler in just a few minutes.
Then I got to work on an escutcheon:

Now every time I start a cut I can shout “Fire the Wave Motion Gun!”
(That’s the Space Battleship Yamato for those of you who aren’t as big of a nerd as me.)

Inkscape is going to be a bit of a learning curve but it didn’t take long to figure out how to embed the image and set up some cut paths. The posts in the Tips and Suggestions have been very valuable.

Now I’m off to the store to look for materials and hardware for some of my first design ideas!

This is going to be fun.

Hundreds of ideas brought to life
Explore projects.
Are we all going to make new threads to show you ours when you show us yours?

My BB-8 Escutcheon (but in R2 colors for now)

Beamed down and forged it! & questions =)

Marvin the Paranoid Laser Printer - escutcheon cover