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One of my most desired uses of my glowforge is making boxes for games that don’t have a box, or have a bad one. This is actually my second attempt at doing that, for an old Cheapass version of Lord of the Fries.

Quite a few years ago, they sold very inexpensive games that game in very low cost packaging and made you print off some of the pieces or repurpose them from other games. Lord of the Fries was one of those with cheap packaging, it was basically a paper bag. Not great for transportation / storage amongst the other wall of games.

So, I pulled out my calipers, measured the cards, instructions, and old bag, and whipped up a box design for it all. I took a scan of the card back and engraved that on the top of the box to serve as an identifier. I think it turned out great, and I’m going to try working on a few more boxes next. I’ve especially got ideas on how to improve the lid.


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