Snap-Fit Art Stands (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Laserbeam)
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I had an Art that I wanted to try engraving, but I knew I wanted it to stand on it’s own. I decided to go about in one particular way, started drawing it out, and ended up with something completely different.
So here is my first snap-fit project:

First draft, which I knew would never work: even if the fit is right and kerf doesn’t bite me, those tabs are just too dang small.


Used the mask as a stencil:

Mind blown: they snapped together on the first try.

Mind even blowner: I took them apart and put them back together, the little tabs didn’t snap off!


Scored and engraved version of the art on stand.
(this one may be worth looking at full size)


Scored and stenciled version of the art on stand.


All together, with a large version of the art on canvas in the background.

(backstory: the art started as a photo, was hand-cut as an 8"x10" stencil, sprayed to canvas, and sold. 10 years later I found a photo of the canvas, and used Adobe Capture to vectorize it, combined the photo and the vector in photoshop, and printed it to the 25"x31" canvas in the last photo. That vector is what I started with this afternoon.) #process #NeverStopIterating

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