Some Quick Celebration Projects
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Here are a couple quick projects I did today for a retirement and a birthday.

The retirement gift is for a friend who likes wine (which I know nothing about, so I had to solicit advice from the sales guy). I wanted a tag to put on the bottle to personalize it. The design came from one of those cool bundle deals Creative Market puts on. Here’s a link to the graphics. I did change the fonts for Adventure and Begins, so I could add matching text (the original type was outlines). After peeling off the masking from those words, I colored the leather (Proofgrade 1.5oz) with Copic markers.

Oh, and take my advice when you are using this lightweight leather: tape it down to the honeycomb or use magnets. AMHIK.

The other item is for my sister’s birthday celebration next weekend. I used the same flashing LED base as I used for my Mother’s Day sign. This time I used Chemcast 1/4" acrylic. That was too wide for the slot at the bottom, so I engraved a wide bar along the bottom at 340lpi, flipped the sign over, and engraved again on the other side (learned this from @marmak3261’s angel night lights).

Then I dusted my hands off and was done!

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