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I know I’ve been quite for a bit but life has been quite busy. My daughter and I go to an anime convention every year and we both cosplay. This year I decided to cosplay “Stun Gun” Millie Thompson from Trigun. I tend to pick my cosplays by their props and this was no exception. Her multi-barrel non-lethal gun was a lot of fun to build and got a lot of remarks at the con itself. 90% of this build was made from plywood cut with the Glowforge.

First test fit of the main body pieces. I didn’t realize I had made it about twice as thick as I should of until way too late.

Body with butt stock. First paper templates made.

Cassettes cut and barrels tested.

All barrels installed and top support added. Templates replaced with thermoplastic.

Finished product with human hand for scale :slight_smile:

The business end.

And in use at Sakura Con.

At some point here I am going to rebuild the main body but life has to slow down a bit first. :slight_smile:

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