New duds for the fur gang
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Birch, Texas 
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We’ll be driving across country in a couple of weeks (whenever I finish stuffing things into boxes), and it dawned on me that our 2 cats don’t have collars. Well, they DO, several apiece actually, I just don’t know where they are, because the darned cats take them off and hide them in the woods.

Anyway, today I took a break from packing and made harnesses for the whole gang.

I couldn’t get a non-blurry photo of Pixel in his – he’s an orange tabby (in case you can’t tell from the portrait of him on the front). :wink:


Axel’s was easy to capture in a photo, because when I put it on him he became convinced that he was paralyzed, toppled sideways off his cat tree, and has been lying the the hallway ever since.


Smidgen also got a new one, since his first one was really just a test (a successful one, too – one full month, and not a single tooth mark on it! Yay!!!)


River got one too, but she’s 3.5 lbs of full on energy right now and I’ve given up on getting a photo tonight. It’s just like her first one (scroll down in this post to see it), with the Serenity logo on the front, except in gray and made of thick leather this time, since the medium leather had just about worn out already.

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