Durability of engraved anodized Aluminum testing rig
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I recently made some custom luggage tags for work, and a colleague asked if I could make some for her (they do look awesome, in electric blue from Johnson Plastics - obviously didn’t want to post the backs as they have our home info on them).


So she asked will it stand up to wear and tear on a bag. So I checked with my favorite aluminum testing rig (rocky & Butterscotch). So far 8 months and not a single scratch despite incredible levels of abuse. The steel clip on the leash rubs on the aluminum tags and they beat the crap out of these, (even managing to take the split ring off - which is impressive when you only have 2 fingers with hooves for fingernails!) so these have been ground into rocks and dirt without any scratches, so for friends that do manage to damage these types of tags, they are abusing them!


Best testing rig ever (moments after this unposed shot, chaos descended as it devolved into king-of-the-hill with horns flying)



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