Ceramic tiles for Asian New Year
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We got invited to an Asian New Year’s party and had some spare ceramic tiles…
Happy Tết.

I used white ceramic tile from Home Depot. Settings were 600 / full / 270 lpi (although speeding it up to 900 probably won’t make too much difference). I then used a Craft Smart wide line permanent marker from Michaels over the whole tile, which seems to provide a more uniform coating than Sharpies. After it dried, I wiped the tile with a VERY SLIGHTLY water-dampened paper towel over the tile, followed by a dry towel. Water seems to keep the color saturation much better in the porous ceramic than using any other solvent. You can use a small amount of alcohol as a cleanup over the glaze, so long as you avoid the exposed porous ceramic. The marker is similar to the one in the following link (but in red): https://www.michaels.com/wide-line-waterproof-marker-by-craft-smart/M10514268.html?dwvar_M10514268_size=15%20mm&dwvar_M10514268_color=Gold#q=craft+smart+markers&start=16


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