Gravity Falls Tsuro Game
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I made this for a friend of mine for Christmas. It’s a Gravity Falls retheme of the Tsuro boardgame.

Unexpectedly, the most challenging part of making this was the player tokens. I had to cut them 6 times the first time I made it and 3 times the second time I made it. Sadly I forgot to write down the settings that worked best the first time around. The grayscale versions of the colored images were so different, I had to set the power differently for each token to get good results.

Points to anyone who has a good idea for using all the squares leftover from cutting the board. Since I opted to cut the pieces from 1/4" and the board is 1/8" I have a nice stack of blank squares as a result.

20180106_184355 copy
20180106_184655 copy

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