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My son plays Dungeons and Dragons. This semester, he’s trying his hand at being the Dungeon Master. Once in a while, his friends like to do a “Dungeon Crawl” where all they do is generate a dungeon and fight monsters in it.

We were talking about different ways to generate random dungeons (most of them on the computer).

For Christmas, I created a set of dungeon tiles for him.

There are 50 tiles, each about 1.5 x 1.5 inch. He can re-arrange them to his heart’s content, to make some simple or really elaborate dungeons. They can also make the dungeon ahead of time, or randomly pick tiles when they explore a new area.

I cut them out of MDF for now, but if I have time before Christmas, I’ll see if I can make them out of proofgrade plywood instead. A 2-tone acrylic from Inventables would also look good.

I think he’ll have fun with these.

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