First Thing Worthy of Sharing on our new Glowforge!
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Several years ago I made a bracelet for my wife. After making it, I declared I would never make that design again because it took too long and we could never cash flow it in her etsy shop. Now that we have our glowforge, it was the first thing that I wanted to try to make. Took me two tries to get the settings where I wanted them, but here are the final results!

celtic knot cuff 2celtic knot cuff 4celtic knot cuff 3

The celtic knot is actually a font that I purchased and then played with. The leather is 8 oz vegetable tan leather, formed and hardened, then stained with a fudge brown ecoflow stain and then topcoated. It’s a claspless bracelet and will maintain that shape for it’s lifetime (as long as you take care of it)

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