Homemade by you, just for them

Homemade by you, just for them

‘Tis the season for gifting galore. And while the options are nearly endless, thinking up a truly thoughtful gift for everyone on your list can sometimes seem impossible.

That is, until you get your Glowforge. Feed Glowforge your brilliant ideas, and watch as they transform into personalized, one-of-a-kind, covetable items even the most discerning people on your list will love.

Tens of thousands of Glowforge users have created millions of incredible things - transforming ordinary items into extraordinary mementos and creating wow-worthy presents completely from scratch.

We’ve curated some of the best Glowforge gifting ideas to inspire. Think of it as a small gift - from us to you - to help you achieve legendary gifting status this year.

(We won’t tell them your Glowforge did the heavy lifting...we’ll let you be the ones to blow their minds!)

A Gift from Glowforge, Just for You

A Gift from Glowforge, Just for You

Forgot about that festive holiday party on Friday? We’ve been there, but don’t fret. Glowforge is fantastic for adding flare to a fun host gift in minutes.

Our in-house design expert made these gift tags just for you. Download the SVG file below, and then customize away!

For best results, download on a computer and print using your Glowforge 3D laser printer.

The Magical Glowforge Gift Guide

The Magical Glowforge Gift Guide

From that friend who's a fanatic Foodie to the Tastemaker who tends to have everything, you can create the perfect gift for everyone on your list, with a little magic from Glowforge.

Check back often - we've got two weeks of Glowforge gift-spiration planned just for you.

For Foodies

For Families

For Techies

For Housewarmers

For Travelers

For Tastemakers

Explore the Magic of Glowforge

3 Steps To A PrintArtboard 1

Have an Idea?

Anyone from children to professional designers can create something to be proud of. With Glowforge, you can sketch with pad and paper, use your favorite photo, upload a design from the software you already know, or use a digital design you love.

3 Steps To A PrintArtboard 2

Watch the Magic Happen

Glowforge brings that idea to life with hundreds of materials. The free software and built-in cameras show you what your design will look like so you know it will be perfect when you hit “print”.

3 Steps To A PrintArtboard 3

Create Something Magical

Eyes light up when they see the most thoughtful gift they’ve ever received, when your creation perfectly brings the room together, or when the silverware drawer is finally organized just the way you want it. The moment that happens because you made it with Glowforge. We can't wait to see what you create.

Rebecca W.

I knew nothing about lasers before I purchased a Glowforge. I have never felt as if I was a true crafter, much less an artist.

But with Glowforge, I was creating high-quality gifts for family and friends within the first week.

People in my life are amazed at what I can make. And, honestly, after a year of owning a Glowforge, I am still amazed myself.

  —  Rebecca W., Glowforge Owner

Bring Glowforge Home for the Holidays

Purchase your Glowforge by November 30th to ensure you get your Glowforge in time for the holidays.

And when you order before November 30th, you’ll receive $75 in Proofgrade materials plus six limited edition holiday designs, to help you make the perfect homemade holiday.

Just order before November 30th, and Limited Edition Designs created by our in-house design experts will be waiting for you to print after you setup your Glowforge.

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