Learn By Doing: Your First Prints and More

Quick: Transform a Drawing Into a Print

  • Trace a Hand Drawing

    Here’s how to use Trace in a nutshell.

    For a detailed tutorial, see Print 2: A Snap and Store Box with Your Personal Touch.

    1. Draw with a black marker on a white piece of paper. Leave white space around the edges of your drawing.

    2. Place your artwork in the center of the bed.

    3. Login to app.glowforge.com, press “Trace,” and follow the instructions in the app.

      Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 10.54.00 PM

    4. When you’re ready, take out your drawing and place your material in the bed.

    5. Drag your artwork where you want it on the material. Leave a little room between your artwork and the edge.

    6. Click “Print,” then press the button when it blinks.