Learn By Doing: Your First Prints and More

Quick: Cut Out a Shape

  • Cut a Circle

    Here’s how to make a circle that you can cut out. You can also easily use "Add Artwork" to cut a circle out of another piece of art.

    For a detailed tutorial showing how to prepare and print a file, see Print 3: Make a Gift Tag from Scratch.

    1. Open Inkscape. (You can also use Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or many vector graphics programs.)

    2. Click on the the Circle Tool on the left side of your screen

      V1 Inkscape Circle Tool

    3. Click and drag to draw a circle

      V1 Inkscape Blue Circle

    4. Choose a color

    V1 Inkscape Change Color Tool

    • Hold the Shift key and click a color in the palette. The color does not matter. If you look at the bottom left corner of the screen, you’ll see the current settings for your new circle: Fill (None) and Stroke (color).
    • If your circle doesn’t turn blue when you click the color, make sure that the box next to the O (just to the right of the blue bar in the image) says “100.” O stands for “Opacity,” and if your Opacity is 0, your stroke or fill will be invisible.
    1. Save Your File
    2. Go to the “File” Menu and click “Save As”
    3. Type your File name
    4. Choose “Plain SVG”
    5. Upload and print your file!