Glowforge Pro

Unlimited printing power with endless possibilities.


The Glowforge Pro prints truly enormous objects like furniture with the exclusive Pro Passthrough, allowing you to use infinitely long materials. Upgraded solid-state cooling allows nonstop printing all day long. It offers all the capabilities of the Plus and Basic, and a double warranty. Class 4 laser product; place near a window for ventilation.


The Glowforge Pro is quick to set up, easy to use, and work with dozens of different materials.

Simple setup in under 30 minutes

Works with hundreds of materials

Live camera preview of your work

Free web-based software

Autofocus and 3D engraving

Compatible with your Mac, PC, tablet, or phone

Safe for home and school

Plus, you'll receive everything you need to make your first print in minutes.

  • Your Glowforge Pro, Plus, or Basic 3D Laser Printer
  • The Glowforge laser head with macro camera and autofocus
  • Power cord
  • Magnetic lens replacement tool
  • Steel crumb tray
  • Exhaust hose
  • Ring clamps for hose connection
  • Pro Shields (Pro only)

To ensure you can start printing immediately with your Glowforge, we'll include a starter pack of our coveted Proofgrade™ materials. It will include $75 worth of products such as:

  • Draftboard
  • Plywood
  • Hardwood
  • Acrylic
  • Leather

These materials are sourced, encoded, and lab-tested for perfect printing every time and are specially formulated for the Glowforge 3D laser printer.

How does the Pro compare to other models?

How does the Pro compare to other models?

Pro PlusBasic
Comprehensive warranty 12 mo12 mo6 mo
Laser tube power45W45W40W
Upgraded hardware for improved speed
Accelerated cutting speedsup to 20% fasterup to 20% faster
Enhanced cooling for all-day use
Giant-size prints with Passthrough Slot
Specs Diagram

Specs Summary

Material Capability

  • 19.5” by ∞


  • Drag-and-drop with live camera preview
  • Works with Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, and more
  • JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, and more


  • Dual cameras: wide angle & macro
  • Custom 45W (Pro) laser
  • Precise to 1/1000th of an inch
  • Full autofocus
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Compact Filter

Compact Filter

Lasers like your Glowforge require ventilation. All Glowforge printers come with 4" (10 cm) diameter hose which allows you to ventilate to the outdoors, for example through a window or dryer vent.

Our Compact Filter upgrade eliminates the need for outside ventilation. It sits on the ground near your Glowforge and cleans the air coming out of your Glowforge, allowing you to operate it anywhere in your home, school, or office! Currently available for US customers.