Should I get Pro or Basic?

Both models can create everything you see on and much, much more. The basic model is for personal and hobby use. The Pro model is faster and handles bigger materials, so it’s best for a serious user or a space where it will be shared with multiple users, like a company or a maker space, and comes with an air filter.

$1,995 earlybird price (+$500 with an air filter)
$2,995 pre-order price
(+$750 with an air filter)

What do you get with Basic?

You can print anything that you see on the home page or in our video. It’s a Class I laser, like a Blu-Ray player, which means no special safety precautions are needed. It comes with an exceptional 6 month warranty that covers everything, including the tube. You can get the Basic with or without an air filter.

$3,995 earlybird price (includes air filter)
$5,995 pre-order price
(includes air filter)

What’s different about Pro?

The Pro can make everything the Basic can, plus much more. A pass-thru slot in the front and the back allows for materials that are 20″ wide and as long as you want, meaning you can create dramatic projects like furniture. The upgraded optics and more powerful laser allow it to run about 20% faster. Enhanced cooling allows it to run in warmer environment for longer. The warranty is doubled to 12 months. However, the Pro is a Class IV Device and required additional safety precautions, like safety glasses and warning signs.

Do I need an Air Filter?

No, but it’s really nice to have. Glowforge has an exhaust port like a clothes dryer – in fact, it’s 4 inches across and uses standard dryer ducts. Unlike a dryer, the exhaust doesn’t smell very good. With the basic model, you put the included duct out a window.

The Air Filter is a 7″ tall accessory base that sits under the Glowforge. It has a HEPA filter and activated charcoal that cleans the air, so you can operate it in the middle of a room or anywhere else without worrying about ventilation.