Technical Support Representative 2

Denver, Colorado | Seattle, Washington - Full-time

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At Glowforge, we help people bring home the future and make it their own. Our printer uses a laser to carve and engrave products from raw materials like wood, leather, acrylic – even cardboard. Take a look and see for yourself.

We build magical products to delight our customers, and we do it while taking care of each other. We hire people who are outstanding at what they do, who thrive in tight-knit teams, and who want to make things that make a difference.

Together, we've built a product we're incredibly proud of, and the reward has been incredible growth.

We work together because we believe in the power of creativity. We believe we can bring about a future where anyone can print anything.

We'd love to have you join us.

This is a full time opportunity role looking in search for candidates in the Denver, Colorado or Seattle, Washington area.

Why we need you

The Customer Success team's unofficial motto is, "We have the BEST customers". They're remarkable and creative and amazing. When they experience a challenge, they come to us expecting us to make it right, and we shape not only whether or not they succeed but also how they feel about Glowforge. Our company will succeed or fail based on the experience we deliver.

We're facing dynamic growth, and customers ask new questions every day. We have a phenomenal team answering questions, but sometimes there are too many questions or the questions are newly arising. We need your ability to learn, your emotional intelligence, your patience, and your flexibility so that we can take care of our customers.

Because of you, customers will receive excellent responses quickly! While they may start frustrated or confused, you’ll leave our customers warmly supported and glowing with delight.

Here’s what you’ll be doing

Troubleshooting tricky questions. Why did a customer’s Glowforge unit make that noise? Is the laser supposed to do that? Why didn't that work as expected?You’ll start by communicating with customers through email and will expand to chat & phone. We’ll give you a knowledge base of answers and ideas, and you’ll draw on that resource and your excellent people-skills to provide a great response to each customer who reaches out.

Discovering. You’ll ask savvy questions to make sure you understand customer needs and challenges, and you'll communicate across the organization as needed to deliver customer solutions.

Supporting: When things get tricky or customers need an extra bit of help with a thorny issue, you’ll take ownership of the problem and find a solution. You'll look after each customer, whether they're expressing anger, worry, or excitement.

Flexing: Your resourcefulness will allow you to become skilled in many topics and to apply those skills as needs shift. You'll flex your focus from simple to sophisticated, and across all the areas of Technical Support.

You need these qualifications

  • You care about people.
  • You see people's frustration as an opportunity to help, and you love finding solutions to customer challenges.
  • You have a bachelor’s degree in a technical field or equivalent experience.
  • One of the following describes you: You’ve worked with and repaired computer controlled machinery.
  • You love code, front end, firmware, services, the works. You’re fluent in vector design or CAD software.
  • Have 2+ years of experience providing technical support in writing or over the phone.

It would be nice if you...

  • Are excellent at written communication and have provided support by email, chat or community forum
  • Have experience working from home
  • Are personally passionate about what Glowforge is building
  • Love making things - knitting, woodworking, 3D printing, furniture building - it doesn’t matter what.

Send us a resume or Linkedin link. And please, include a cover letter that tells us what you’re passionate about doing with us!

There's one more, very important thing. We are an equal opportunity employer. We search for amazing people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We take care of each other to create an inclusive work environment where we love to come to work every day. We'd be happy to provide reasonable accommodations to help you apply - just email us at We hope you can join us.

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