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At Glowforge, we help people bring home the future and make it their own. Our printer uses a laser to carve and engrave products from raw materials like wood, leather, acrylic – even cardboard. Take a look and see for yourself.

We build magical products to delight our customers, and we do it while taking care of each other. We hire people who are outstanding at what they do, who thrive in tight-knit teams, and who want to make things that make a difference.

Together, we've built a product we're incredibly proud of, and the reward has been incredible growth. We work together because we believe in the power of creativity. We believe we can bring about a future where anyone can print anything.

We'd love to have you join us.

This is a full-time, hourly position with benefits, based in Seattle or Denver.

Why we need you

We have the best customers, and our company will succeed or fail based on the experience they have with their Glowforge. Because of you, they will rave to their friends about the outstanding support you provide, and that will help our business grow.

You are someone who goes through life asking, “what is the problem that is trying to be solved” and then working on solutions. When customers turn to us for help you will be the first one there to turn things around -- your kindness and technical expertise will leave them warmly supported and glowing with delight. They'll feel how much you care, appreciate the clarifying questions that you ask, and will be grateful for how clear you make complex things.

Here's what you'll be doing

You will troubleshoot and resolve customer challenges with the Glowforge app, the mechanical systems of their printer, the designs they're printing, or the materials they’re using. You'll listen, empathize, show patience, and problem-solve. You’ll work through email and chat and may expand to phone or whatever our customers need. We’ll give you access to a knowledge base and you'll notice patterns, write excellent bug reports, and describe that really complicated thing in really simple steps so that customers can get back to printing happily.

You’re going to learn our hardware, software, firmware, materials and designs inside and out.

You’ll be a phenomenal teammate, sharing ideas throughout the day and partnering with senior colleagues to identify solutions.

You’ll keep a positive disposition and level head even during the worst of times like late on a holiday when a customer is rightfully upset because something isn’t right, and you’re the only one they have to talk to about it.

You need these qualifications

  • Five years of experience supporting customers or an equivalent combination of experience and advanced education.
  • A track record of being a powerful customer-advocate and problem-solver.
  • You’re profoundly curious and have demonstrated technical expertise in your hobbies or work
  • You write well, communicate clearly, and listen empathetically.

It would be nice if...

You have:

  • A year or more providing superb technical support by email, chat, phone or forum.
  • Experience working from home with geographically distributed teams
  • Passion about what Glowforge is building
  • You’re comfortable troubleshooting web based applications across multiple browser / OS versions and platforms (Chrome / Safari / etc, Windows, MacOS, Android, etc.)
  • A love of making things, knitting, 3D printing, furniture building, it doesn’t matter what.

Send us a resume or Linkedin link. And please, include a cover letter that tells us what you’re excited about doing with us!There's one more, very important thing. We are an equal opportunity employer. We search for amazing people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. We take care of each other to create an inclusive work environment where we love to come to work every day. We'd be happy to provide reasonable accommodations to help you apply - just email us at We hope you can join us.

Have questions? Email us. Or check out the rest of the current openings.

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