Senior Software Program Manager

Seattle, WA - Full-time

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Glowforge is a beautiful device that sits on your desk. It uses a laser to carve and engrave products from raw materials like wood, leather, acrylic – even cardboard.

If you haven’t already, check out our video on While you’re there, you’ll notice something amazing: Glowforge is the largest crowdfunding campaign in history. There is incredible demand for what we’re creating. It’s not a geeky tool for the tech elite or a garage workshop; we’re crafting an iconic product that is going to change the way people think about creativity. Our customers include consumers, digital designers, crafters, engineers, teachers, artists, and more.

Why We Need You

Our secret sauce is software. From the start, we knew that while each Glowforge was made out of plastic, metal, glass, and electronics, it’s the software that truly makes the product unique. From the open-source firmware, to the beautiful and simple interface, to the optimized cloud-based motion planners, to the machine vision systems - software makes the experience of using a Glowforge truly transcendent.

You are a conductor and the software is your orchestra. You understand the people, the software, and how they must all come together in time to produce something amazing. You bring our product to the tens of thousands of people who’ve already paid for it, to the hundreds of thousands of people who will buy one soon.

Here’s What You’ll be Doing

As Senior Software Program Manager, you’ll be responsible for delivering Glowforge printers that are as good as our customers deserve, on time. You’ll be working closely with the software team - cloud, firmware, devops, and more - to help guide their development schedule, ensure the right issues get addressed, and everything comes together on time. You’ll also track the hardware and manufacturing schedules, to ensure everything lines up for a timely delivery.

When we start delivering long-awaited Glowforge printers to customers, your efforts switch again: now, you’re working with the software team to keep making our product better, every week, with new improvements and features.

Specifically, your role will include:

  • Working as a part of our engineering team to understand our technology and build our schedule.
  • Wield our software process tools to provide insight and direction about future work and schedules.
  • Ensuring safety and reliability are always our first priorities in everything we do.
  • Working closely with our product design team to understand their vision and priorities for how best to delight our customers.

You’ll need these qualifications

  • You have been through multiple software product release cycles in a similar role
  • You have an engineering background
  • You can speak fluently about technical subjects with software engineers
  • You have a four year degree or equivalent experience

It would be nice if...

  • You have experience working as a software developer yourself
  • You’ve worked on projects where hardware and software were closely intertwined
  • You’ve got a deep and abiding passion for creating things yourself - with lasers, sewing machines, art supplies, shop tools, or anything else.

One more, very important thing: we are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We’re strongly committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and all applicants for employment. For us, this is the only acceptable way to do business.

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