Senior Customer Support Technician

Glowforge is a desktop laser that carves and engraves beautiful products from raw materials like wood, leather, paper – even chocolate.
If you haven’t already, check out our video on While you’re there, you’ll notice something amazing: Glowforge is the largest 30-day crowdfunding campaign in history, with $27.9M in pre orders in just a month. There is incredible demand for what we’re creating. It’s not a geeky tool for the tech elite or a garage workshop; we’re crafting an iconic product that is going to change the way people think about creativity.

Why We Need You

We have the best customers. It’s an unofficial company motto, and we’re reminded of it daily, from thoughtful trouble tickets to exuberant “look what I made!” emails to surprise boxes of laser goodies that appear out of nowhere.

Our customers deserve awesomeness, and our company is going to succeed or fail based on the experience they have with their Glowforge. When they experience a challenge, they’ll come to us expecting us to make it right. That’s where you come in. You are their hero. You’re the one who gets them through when they’re stuck, turns failures into successes, and makes our company’s passion for our customers real for each and every person who reaches out.

You also help us translate customer frustrations into product improvements -- you solve problems not just for the customers who have contacted us about a problem but for all of our customers.

Here's what you'll be doing

You will come to learn our hardware, software, firmware, materials and designs inside and out. You’ll tackle the problems we understand and the ones we don’t, discovering root causes and working with teams across the company to develop solutions.

When our customers encounter difficulties, whether it’s the Glowforge app, the internals of their Glowforge, the design they’re working with or the materials they’re using, you’ll help them get back on track. You’ll gather and organize the details we need, write excellent bug reports, and notice emerging patterns.

You’ll make our team stronger and more efficient. As a senior leader on the team, when the rest of the Customer Success team doesn’t know what to do about a new tricky issue, they’ll turn to you. When our methods for researching issues are clumsy, you’ll invent or fine tune our processes and tools. You’ll notice trends and help us stay ahead of them.

You’ll pride yourself on your empathy, patience, and creative problem-solving skills. Laser aficionados and newbies alike will be delighted to talk to you and rave to their friends about the top-notch customer service you provide.

More practically, you’ll be:

You need these qualifications:

It would be nice if...:

Please send us your resume, and – more importantly – a cover letter that tells us about your interest here. If you have public examples of your writing, like a blog or website, please send us a link to those too. We’re excited to meet you!

One more, very important thing: we are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We’re strongly committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and all applicants for employment. For us, this is the only acceptable way to do business.