Manager, Customer Support and Sales

Seattle, WA - Full-time

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Glowforge is a beautiful device that sits on your desk. It uses a laser to carve and engrave products from raw materials like wood, leather, acrylic – even cardboard.

If you haven’t already, check out our video on While you’re there, you’ll notice something amazing: Glowforge is the largest crowdfunding campaign in history. There is incredible demand for what we’re creating. It’s not a geeky tool for the tech elite or a garage workshop; we’re crafting an iconic product that is going to change the way people think about creativity. Our customers include consumers, digital designers, crafters, engineers, teachers, artists, and more.

This is a full-time role in Seattle, and we are happy to help new employees relocate to this beautiful city.

Why we need you

As we grow, our product will continue to evolve and our customers will continue to find new and innovative ways to use their Glowforge. When customers encounter a problem, the team you lead will shape not only whether or not they succeed but how they feel about Glowforge, the product itself and the company behind that.

We want our customers to be delighted with their Glowforge and we need you to make sure that when our customers hit a snag, the support they receive leaves them every bit as delighted as the product itself. Because of you, customers will be confident with their purchase choices and at ease while they print, whether or not they ran into an issue along the way.

Here's what you'll be doing

You’ll be raising the bar for customer success. You’ll respond to customers yourself and you’ll hire and mentor a thriving and generous team. You’ll seek opportunities to improve the support we deliver and leave customers happier after receiving support than they were before they needed help.

  • Growing the team and managing vendors. Hiring, training and mentoring to develop a diverse, creative, and fulfilled customer service and sales team on site and off.
  • Analyzing data & creating solutions. Learning what thrills and bothers our customers, and using it to improve our content, our readiness, and the product itself.
  • Finding solutions to the trickiest customer service issues. You’ll troubleshoot the immediate issue and develop policy and process for next time.
  • Developing our sales process and a consultative sales culture. When people considering a Glowforge printer write in, you’ll make sure they get answers that make it easy to choose the printer that’s right for them.
  • Jumping in the fray to answer tickets about Glowforge software, hardware, materials, designs, shipping, account administration, how to design for the Glowforge, and more.

You need these qualifications

  • You have a four-year degree or equivalent experience.
  • You are an experienced manager who’s grown and mentored teams for years. Your past team members are eager to work for you again.
  • You are the person people come to for help with the very hardest problems. You love helping people, and are fast, thoughtful, and efficient about how you do it.
  • You can create a staffing plan, recruit to fill it, manage to a budget, and report metrics in ways that make everyone you work with feel confident in your operation.
  • You’ve assisted lots of people through purchase decisions and have ideas about how to raise conversion rates and satisfaction simultaneously.

It would be nice if...

  • You’ve managed a high-performance customer service and/or sales team.
  • You’ve run an off-site sales or support organization.
  • You have experience supporting technology products, including SAAS and/or hardware.
  • You’re experienced with one or more design tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, or CAD programs.
  • You’ve worked with 3D printers, CNC mills, laser cutter/engravers, or other fabrication technology
  • You love making things - knitting, woodworking, 3D printing, furniture building - it doesn’t matter what.
  • You have worked at a startup or fast growing growing technology company.

Please send us your resume, and – more importantly – a cover letter that tells us about your interest here. If you have public examples of your writing, like a blog or website, please send us a link to those too. We’re excited to meet you!

One more, very important thing: we are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We’re strongly committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and all applicants for employment. For us, this is the only acceptable way to do business.

Have questions? Email us. Or check out the rest of the current openings.