Customer Success Associate

Seattle, WA - Full-time

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Glowforge is a beautiful device that sits on your desk. It uses a laser to carve and engrave products from raw materials like wood, leather, acrylic – even cardboard. If you haven’t already, check out our video on While you’re there, you’ll notice something amazing: Glowforge is the largest crowdfunding campaign in history.

There is an incredible demand for what we’re creating. It’s not a geeky tool for the tech elite or a garage workshop; we’re crafting an iconic product that is going to change the way people think about creativity. Our customers include consumers, digital designers, crafters, engineers, teachers, artists, and more.

This is a full-time role in Seattle, and we are happy to help new employees relocate to this alluring city.

Why We Need You

We have the best customers, and our company is going to succeed or fail based on the experience they have with their Glowforge. When customers are thinking about purchasing a Glowforge printer, Proofgrade Materials, or a Design, they reach out us. When they have great things to say, they let us know. When they experience a challenge, they’ll come to us expecting us to make it right. That’s where you come in. You are their hero. You’re the one who gets them through when they’re stuck, turns failures into successes, and makes our company’s passion for our customers real for each and every person who reaches out.

Here’s what you’ll be doing

This is a full-time role in Seattle, and we are happy to help new employees relocate to this beautiful city.

You’re going to answer questions from before purchase through to printing success or, occasionally, warranty return. You’ll pride yourself on your empathy, patience, and creative problem-solving skills. Laser aficionados and newbies alike will be delighted to talk to you and rave to their friends about the top-notch customer service you provide.

In between customer interactions, you’ll notice patterns and come up with ideas about what we can do to improve. You’ll help us tune our processes to make things perfect for our customers.

That means:

  • Learning really, really fast. You don’t know how Glowforge hardware or software works, and that’s OK. We’ll teach you! You’ll learn, and then teach our customers.
  • Becoming an expert troubleshooter for our customers. Where did that shipment go? Why didn’t the file upload? Why didn’t that project turn out the way they wanted?
  • Answering tickets about Glowforge software, hardware, materials and designs, shipping, account administration, how to design for the Glowforge, and more.
  • Paying attention to what our customers are thrilled and bothered by, and using that help our team improve our process and our product.
  • Keeping a positive disposition and level head even during the worst of times - late on a holiday when someone’s rightfully upset because something’s broken, and you’re the only one they have to talk to about it.

You need these qualifications

  • You have 2+ years of professional experience working iclosely with a variety of customers, helping them solve their problems.
  • You love helping people, and are fast, thoughtful, and efficient about how you do it.
  • You are an outstanding troubleshooter, and can think creatively when you hit a truly gnarly problem.
  • You write well, communicate clearly, and listen like a champion.
  • You’re diligent about following process, and love to help polish and improve that process.
  • You’re available to work late hours and holidays during peak periods.
  • You love making things - knitting, woodworking, 3D printing, furniture building - it doesn’t matter what.

It would be nice if…

  • You have experience writing for a large audience like a blog, a paper, or any other venue.
  • You’re experienced with one or more design tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, or CAD programs.
  • You have a background in information technology, hardware, software, computers, programming, engineering or some other technical area.
  • You have experience at a small growing tech startup.

Please send us your resume, any writing samples or portfolio, and – more importantly – a cover letter that tells us about your interest here. We’re excited to meet you!

One more, very important thing: we are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We’re strongly committed to providing equal employment opportunity for all employees and all applicants for employment. For us, this is the only acceptable way to do business.

Have questions? Email us. Or check out the rest of the current openings.