Pre Release | Edge Lit Votives Three Ways
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I had a brainwave after I uploaded my recent stained glass votive lanterns. Based on my liking for edge-lit acrylic, why not use those tiny lights to make some tiny edge-lit acrylic signs?

I tried three different designs: one based on the box shape of my stained glass votives, one based on a living hinge that hugs the tiny votive light, and a third which is a minimalist, acrylic-only design:

Pencil is there for scale.

Here is how they look lit up:

These are incredibly inexpensive to make, especially if you buy the lights in bulk. The only thing I don’t like is the yellowish color. I do have a small sack of LEDs in various colors, so I might take these apart and solder in some LEDs more to my liking.

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