3D engrave -- still needs some work but wow
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So of course the first thing I did this morning was take the depth map from my favorite test STL and engrave it. Then I had a bright idea and traced it in inkscape so I could put a cutline around it. No adjustment of curves other than white at the front of the model and black at the back.

That’s 7/32 scrap acrylic (I lied to the machine and said it was proofgrade thick) running at [redacted]new speed. (I made a test cut at high speed, measured the depth, adjusted more or less linearly.) The random-line thing is happening fairly seriously, probably would be better with a little defocus or more passes. But still, for 25 minutes start to finish, that’s pretty cool.

I am thinking it’s seriously time to get/build a 3D scanner. (Also, suddenly building things up in quater-inch slices becomes much more interesting if the edge of each slice can have a 3D profile.)

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