IKEA Hack: BISSA Shoe Cabinet
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My wife decided that our shoe cabinet was a bit too dreary (and had a ding in the top) and asked if we could dress it up a bit with the :glowforge:. After looking at hundreds of Art Deco motifs, she found one she liked, so here’s our…

Ridiculously Fancy™ BISSA Shoe Cabinet :grinning:

In the first of two Douglas Adams sort of coincidences, the top of the BISSA happens to be within a very, very small fraction of the current cutting boundaries on my PRU. If it had been any larger in either dimension, I wouldn’t have been able to execute this project.

The second coincidence is that the thickness of the :proofgrade: Cherry plywood made the door trims exactly flush with the sides of the cabinet. This could not have come out better if it was built to spec from scratch.

Haven’t mentioned this in a few weeks, but…

I :heart: MY :glowforge::exclamation:

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