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Here’s a different way to incorporate metal into your project.

First, I created a stencil in 10mil Mylar, of the shape I wanted the metal in, and cut it on the laser.

Then, I placed some thin (38 ga) soft tooling aluminum over the stencil on a soft surface, and rubbed over the top with a paper stump, to impress the shape in the metal. Moved the operation to a hard surface, and using paper stumps, a Teflon scribe, and embossing tools, I embossed all the lines against the stencil so that the metal would be raised in those areas. Then flattened the in-between portions with a paper stump. I wanted the metal to be gold in color so I gold-leafed it all. Then I painted gesso into all the non-raised areas, colored with Prismacolor pencils, and finished with workable fixatif spray.

The box was made in the same way as some of my other living hinge round boxes. I used Baltic birch, and colored it dark brown with alcohol ink.

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