Still Cleaning - A Spot for Specs
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Another fun fact they don’t tell you when you check in…When you get a little older, your vision starts to go. Particularly if you’re blind as a bat to start with.

Eventually, your doc says “Hey chickie, you need to use some specs for all that computer work, or you’re gonna ruin your eyes.”

So you got the computer specs and the distance specs and the reading specs (I’ll do contacts or glasses, but you can’t do progressives for computer work, I’d be sitting all day with my head cocked back at a funny angle.)

So I’ve usually got three or four sets of specs littering the desktop, and it’s really easy for them to get scratched that way, knocked off the desk, drop kicked…me and “39 Dollar Glasses” got a thing going on.

So hopefully this little holder will solve the problem. (Got two slots for the two pairs I’m not currently wearing.)

The smooth finish on the Proofgrade doesn’t scratch, but if you wanted to, you could line the insides with adhesive felt. (Still deciding whether to or not - I kind of like it plain.)

You could also use it in the kitchen for his and hers sunglasses or something.

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