3...2...1...Escutcheon Cover
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Hello Glowfolks. I finally get to post in this category!

It appears that making an escutcheon for your Glowforge is one of the rights of passage and a way to show people what interests you.

For me, it was a chance to try learn AI. Fail. I gave up after a while and went back to Photoshop. We can argue over software choice, but PS works just fine. SVG files out of PS are easy to produce and no issues so far as I tested. I do need to work on my Bezier curves though.

So here are some things I’ve learned today.

  • The Glowforge isn’t reading QR codes on the acrylic material (still no joy on Maple too)
  • When you design at one scale then shrink to size, go back and check the details
  • One a related note, must get some Gorilla tape, I’ll be weeding this thing forever
  • Acrylic is smellier than Maple, noticable throughout the cut/engrave
  • The escutcheon cover looks good in both acrylic and Maple.

This took just under a 20 minutes to process.

I’ll update with the Maple tomorrow… still weeding :slight_smile:

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