Narwhals! So Many Narwhals!
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Medford, Ma 
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I wanted to try out the low power settings, so what should I cut… Narwhals.

I stole got the image from @smcgathyfay’s Narwhal phone stand design.

I decided to try out the blank playing cards I ordered.

And here we are!

The cuts were deeper where it had to slow down around corners. You can see the burn marks. Oddly enough, only one pinhole is visible from the back.

But wait, this is card stock! Lets see what happens when I grab a regular sheet of printer paper!

I tried to turn the mark in the top left into an engrave instead of a cut. It didn’t come out.

Wait, now my wife saw it and loved it. Now she wants one to take to work with her! I decided to fill the mark in the top left and adjust some of the power setting to see if I get some more contrast.

I really like how this one turned out. Its interesting because the mark on the top left was the lowest power setting, but it came out the darkest.

Here is a comparison between the 3 of them.

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