Pre Release: Low Power Map
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Alright, so @brooklyntonia did her amazing map of Baltimore today. I wanted to do a map too. However a town map is boring where I live (our population is 9000) so figured I’d do a SUPER complex map (why start small?). This map (and technically it’s only half) has 13000 nodes in the curve.

This is a map of the arteries in your body. I didn’t have any fancy cardstock or any of that, so found some faded (this used to be red) construction paper in the old playroom. A little blue tape around the edges…

Engraved at 1%/100

(really hard to see, so I put a yellow sheet behind)

One more time attempt at time lapse with vimeo embed (and I have no idea why it is upside down)

Video link since discourse eventually loses it

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