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Supplies: 12X12" Cardstock
Op time: 8 mins 33 sec

So after the announcement yesterday about low power pew’ing. I did a couple tests. I was impressed. My wife was over the moon. And this is because with the Cameo & the Curio it can’t do small tightly spaced intricate cuts. The drag knife just makes a mess of things. But with light, there is no ‘drag’ per-say.

Thou this post does not demo that but the results are pretty cool. And so are butterflies btw.

AI. (Nothing fancy, I just grabbed this from my wife’s Silhouette folder)

Low power pew’ing (mini pew?)

End results.

Basically, yesterday felt like finding a secret level in Zelda. The power of software (& hardware)

Well done @staff, Well done.

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