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Part of this last weekend was spent doing projects for the living room. My husband sometimes like to drink his coffee on the couch in the mornings while reading his daily feeds, so I focused on a few places he can put his coffee. The first was a basic prototype for interlocking coasters that I hope to make more complicated and puzzle like in the future.

I made 6 coaster pieces each in acrylic (white and black), and plywood (walnut, cherry, and maple).

Here is a picture of them all interlocked together.

And with his intended coffee mug…

Next I made a “shelf” for the couch arm with pg cherry plywood, and some remnant polyester/acrylic blend I got from the local fabric store (btw, this material did NOT cut well with the laser…it curled and shriveled up…though I may try it again with the low power mode and give an update on it later).

I cut 7 panels out of the cherry. One panel was 3X7inches and the rest were 1.75x7 inches. I placed holes on each side to allow me to stitch the fabric onto the cherry panels.

I glued the center of the panels onto the fabric so that the material would stay flush to the panels, and then stitched embroidery string to the fabric and panels in a weird version of a blanket stitch.

And here is the final product in use:

Have a good evening!

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