Pre Release: Brewery stamp inspired by @rebecca
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After seeing @rebecca’s coaster stamp:

I got inspired to make my own stamp tonight. @joe, I freakin forgot to reverse it again! Well luckily I remembered just after I started… Need to make a sign above the laser…

So using the inventables 2x3 linoleum on wood block stamp material, made a stamp for my colleagues brewery. Man does the spew recondense on the lower part of the block. I engraved at 1%/85. I made the block a smidge bigger than the linoleum so it engraved the sides flat. I slightly missed on the left side so just shaved the tiny ridge with a razor. The condensed spew was so deep (watch the movie and you can see it build up) I hit it with the air blast on my compressor, then cleaned the surface with an alcohol wipe.

To make the logo I took the regular logo, turned the type into outlines in AI, drew a black filled box around it, and then using pathfinder did an exclude and ended up with a nice inverted logo. Then on the second time around remembered to reflect it mirror, so it makes a stamp…

Enjoy the spew storm…

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