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I whipped up some more little items for the Missouri Fiddlers to use as fundraisers. I thought I’d make a few tiny instruments and put pin backs on them for the Fiddlers to sell.

So, I had two choices: go with the somewhat primitive but charming images that are on the hand drawn logo of the organization, or design something more anatomically correct.

So I did both. Which ones do you like the best? Or maybe what I should ask is, which would you more likely to buy if you are, or are not, a member of the organization?

Charming but crude:

Anatomically correct:

Guitar is 1/8" PG Maple Plywood, fiddle is 1/8" PG Cherry Hardwood. Note: I realize the strings on the guitar are a little wonky. I think it has to do with the angle of rotation interacting with the LPI setting. Working on it.

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