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Supplies : Ikea Cutting board
Op time : 19mins 33sec

Ikea is an incredible place.

Glowforge + Ikea Cutting board = Custom one of a kind art.

The cutting board was pretty thick which meant the tray had to come out. I needed to raise the cutting board a bit so the depth checker routine could detect the board. I used a spool of electrical tape to act as a spacer/stand for the board.

I pre-masked the board and drew some lines so I knew where the center, hole and the corners where. Then sized/placed the vector close to the center.

I used an Anker USB charger to act as a square to make sure both corners were at the same distance then hit ‘print’.

I did do a small test engrave in the corner to make sure I had the power/speeds right. But it seems the density of whatever Ikea used varies threw out the board. Which meant it engraved deeper than I’d like. I guess I’ve been pampered by the Proofgrade.

None the less- It still came out pretty good.

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