Pre Release: Last Minute Nursing Gift
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Last night one of our senior nurses had a really rough shift, and since she is on tonight (and she follows my maker projects closely), I decided maybe a surprise laser gift would be nice for tonight. I had jokingly made a nurses cap for her out of a medication cup last night with a little red-cross on it, and she said, oh wouldn’t it be cool to laser cut one for me… (trust me it was funny at 4am…)

So a quick internet search of nurses caps, trace in AI. I was going to go to Michaels prior to my shift to get a pin, but realized, heck I could just make a magnetic clasp. Proofgrade Cherry (although that setting has mysteriously disappeared from my GFUI, so I set it to Maple hardwood and adjusted the settings manually)

So first the front side:

I engraved a deep hole on the clasp side and a shallower one on the main part. Hot glued (for some reason the CA glue simply would not stick to the cherry. I tried shaving off the char, but no luck. So hot glue it is. (the pictures make them lock cocked, but they are really quite square to the surface). All told a few minutes work to design, and 10 minutes of GF time, a few minutes gluing, and a nice gift.

(and the part is centered, but the overhead light over my worktable cast a shadow if I wasn’t off to the side)

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