Pre Release: 737 House Geometry Project
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My son had a geometry class assignment and he goes to my old high-school which is super high-tech (they have a huge maker space that would be just fine on most college campuses) and they are expected to integrate coding and making in almost all classes. So this geometry assignment was to make any crazy house you wanted (with some geometry constraints) and you got extra points for “making” it, and also for CAD designing in (the teacher is a big laser cutting person).

So most kids are using luon or whatever in the K60 at school, but my son has a GF. He’s also a pilot (finally can drive himself to the airport to go fly… yeah) and wanted to have a 737 house. So he designed it in Fusion360 (Hey autodesk, go step into a burning pile of poo, for not only not exporting text in your DXFs but even worse, exporting unjoined boxes in text’s place - at least just export nothing).

Proofgrade maple (think other parents would let their kids have :proofgrade:? Awesome Dad here!). The lines are scores, the text is engrave. In hindsight should have upped the power a tad on the 4pt text… Was a little feint.

And going for dad of the year, for the roof he first tried a living hinge, but that didn’t really work right, so I thought, hey why not just use veneer? Booyah! (and hey, just pretend those are 787 windows since they are so big, instead of a 737-max; and for @rodrigobrionesm I don’t want to hear that American doesn’t fly the Max… It’s art, and I figured the United logo + teenage boys = punching :open_mouth:)

Twine was tied across the holes to keep the curve.

I did make a few suggestions, that maybe he simply has an 11 seat counter, rather than bar

While he does fly power, one of the cooler shots I got of him @rodrigobrionesm is on landing (prior to having his shirt torn) with an instructor while gliding (he and my dad do it - my dad recently retired from Angel Flight)

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